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Our Business

    PTTT LDN is a Flagship for PTT's International Trading business expansion in Western Corridor.


    Our main activities are international trade in Crude Oil, Petroleum Products and Derivatives. We also participates in international trading that supports the business activities of PTT and PTT's affiliates in such a way as to enhance their competitive edge and profitability, and to increase the trading value-added for PTT Group.

    We adopt an unique flexible trading platform which effectively enable us to add value and work collaboratively with our customers and partners in securing the best economic for their supply globally

    With solid competencies in physical commodity trading and operations, derivatives trade supported by strong financing, we are one of the professional trading firms, and will run our business with good corporate governance

    We value our relationship with our customers highly and above all, which is also our core value in all our business

Crude Oil Trading

Our fundamental activity is international trade in crude oil with primary focus on Europe and America regions.

We aim to source and supply crude oils from several areas such as Americas, West Africa and Russia to European market, together with playing more crucial role in Intra-America trading.

Besides, procurement of crude into Thailand’s refineries and Asia Pacific destination is also the other pillar of our mission.

Petroleum Products Trading

Our core business is physical trading which involve a network of committed long lasting partnerships with  producers , national companies , end user , own PTT system and refiners from all continents


We provide an excellent end to end services by securing a large diversity of supply source of diesel and jet fuel globally and work with our customers and partners to meet all their needs

Derivatives Trading

Our Global networking now expands  to new frontiers beyond Asia. With our broadening market intelligence, we are connected with the fast paced and growing energy derivatives market. 

Together with PTT in house risk management team we adopt and implement robust hedging strategy for our overall trading and at same time we provide customer this service by offering customers commercial support with careful  structured tailored deals in volatile environment

International Chartering

With our aspiration to support and serve all internal and external customer activities in the right place at the right time, we connect and strengthen our marine network by striving in Western chartering market and bring out the most economical solution to our customers.  

International chartering provides spot and time-chartered vessel services for crude, petroleum products, and LNG trading partners. Tons of chartering experiences together with our PTT global collaboration guarantees a best-in-class West to East transportation.

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