PTT International Trading London Ltd (PTTT LDN) is the West Flagship for International Trading Business of PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), Thailand's National Oil Company. Our main role is to lead trading business into western corridor to expand PTT's global trading horizon. 

    PTT International Trading Business Unit has set up subsidiary companies and representative offices to conduct and expand trading businesses, liaising with PTT clients and supporting commercial activities of PTT Group in various areas, including petroleum, petrochemical and other energy related products.

     There are three subsidiaries connecting Eastern and Western trading hub;

  • PTT International Trading Pte Ltd (PTTT)  in Singapore is the East Flagship, covering business in eastern corridor. It has one subsidiary in Dubai and two representative offices in Shanghai and Jakarta

  • PTT International Trading London Ltd (PTTT LDN) in the UK is the West Flagship

  • PTT International Trading USA Inc. (PTTT USA) in Houston, Texas, USA

Board of Directors

Mr. Disathat Panyarachun

Chairman & Director

Miss Donnaya 


Mrs. Pattaraporn Vorasaph


Mr. Jaturong Worawitsurawatthana


Mr. Kritch 


Miss Worawan Kanchanakeaw

Director & Managing Director


Miss Worawan Kanchanakeaw

Managing Director

Suite 7, 5th Floor Berkeley Square House 
London W1J 6BU United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 3912 1824

Fax: +44 (0)20 3912 1820